Top 5 tech wonders 2020 that world will witness

tech wonders 2020

top five tech wonders 2020 With the development of science and technology

we are finding new gadgets that are making our life easier and smarter.

tech wonders 2020

We are already using smartphones, High-speed Wi-Fi, PlayStation for gaming etc.

And in the next few years we are going to get some cutting edge techs that will blow our mind away like never before.

The technology in the future world will include the developed technology in future cars,

technology in future homes and many more.

The top five tech wonders 2020 are here.

Smart Houses:

smart home tech wonders 2020
tech wonders 2020
  • The smart houses are the combination of smart appliances such that smart refrigerators(notifies when specific items are low in it),
  • smart oven that can be controlled with smart phones,
  • smart health checkup

(a continuous visual display of the calories of the foods that you are eating currently,

  • automatic regular monitoring your blood sugar, pressure etc.), controlling the room temperature,
  • changing the TV channel, turning on/off the lights in your room with just voice commands etc.
  • It is expected that you can literally talk with your house.
  • and house can also reply you like your best wonders 2020
  • Most of the above tech components are already developed
  • and some are under development,
  • all it is needed to put all of it together in a house
  • such that those can work in synchronism.


Virtual reality gaming:

virtual reality
virtual reality
  • The Oculus Rift has currently developed a VR headset to play the video games for the gamers.
  • By this the whole gameplay can be experienced like a 3D manner inside our head and it feels like you are inside the game.
  • Recently Facebook bought the company and trying to make it a social device which in turn

will make this device available to all over the globe.

tech wonders 2020



Virtual display

virtual display
virtual display
  • This is the display without any screen, more like a hologram in the sci-fi movies

was made possible after 2 years of extensive research.

  • This is not just for entertainment purposes but will also help to restore temporary vision

to blind people without going through laser eye-surgery.




  • It is technology of public transportation that was
  • proposed by businessman Elon Musk (the CEO of SpaceX,
  • Product architect of Tesla cars) in which magnetically levitated pods with goods
  • people can be transported at a very high-speed
  • (nearly about 1200 Km/hr).
  • If in India it is implemented then just imagine

traveling from Mumbai to Delhi in just 55 minutes!!!


Digital twins:

digital twins
digital twins
  • A digital model of a physical object/device which will be to monitor, analyze
  • can even predict the performance of the physical device in real time.
  • This under-development tech will change the industrial performance of the products and become more efficient.

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