4 Summer Hacks to Keep Cool and Healthy

summer hacks

Hello Folks, Lets See What are the Summer Hacks for Staying cool in this Burning hot Temperature.

Who doesn’t need breeze and a breezier(drink) in smoking hot winds So lets make this Summer Hot a Winter Like chill following these simple summer hacks

Looking at the Table of contents:

  1. Staying Hydrated
  2. Dressing Cool For Staying Cool
  3. Food to Eat
  4. summer hack gadgets

Staying Hydrated

So as We all know that Staying Hydrated Is the Biggest And most Important task we have in summer because the water in our body evaporates at a very high rates due to Heat Or Hot Temperatures.

My suggestions are

  • Drink Lemon Soda Or water which is way better than other chemical hydration cool drinks.


  • Must Carry a electrolyte powder mix because you can directly mix in the cool water and can drink whenever you feel dried up.


  • coconut water


Dressing Cool For Staying Cool

We Never want Our Style or beauty being underrated near friends and family due to this temperatures so lets wear that is both looks cool and feels cool.

  • Wear Loose clothes but not too air blown :)haha


  • Put Some Light Colored clothes but never i say never wear black because it attracts heat more and makes you out of hydration.


  • My Idea Is to put Cotton shorts some nice loose tees and cool looking flip-flops(coz wearing shoes can make the legs stink with sweat from heat) and most importantly the SUNGLASSES.


  • SPF lotion

Food to Eat

  • Tomatoes has rich content of antioxidants and Vitamin C.


  • Zucchini which helps in HEART HEALTH.


  • Watermelon the king fruit of summer because of rich content of water.


  • Oranges will keep you hydrated during your sweatiest summer days.


  • Yogurt is simply protein packed


Summer hack gadgets

  • Buy solar charger COS who don’t need power or energy for free.


  • ice Cream Maker(i will provide you some best makers in some time with the buying link).


  • Battery powdered table fan this saves you from seat or winds in power cuts.


  • USB powered cool-drink chiller.

Healthy about TOMATO(summer hacks topic 3)

Summer is drawing nearer, and with summer comes long days, warm temperatures, sun and, shockingly, burns from the sun.

Everybody wishes they could go through a day at the sea shore and come back with a shining tan,

however as a general rule, they return resembling a lobster. Actually, half of all grown-ups report in any event one burn from the sun in the previous a year.

To keep away from this, bring tomatoes into your eating routine for some extra implicit assurance.

In an examination study, a gathering of ladies devoured tomato glue day by day for 12 weeks.

Following 12 weeks, the analysts estimated the members’ skin blushing reaction to UV light and demonstrated their skin was increasingly impervious to harm from unsafe UV beams.

Furthermore, eating tomatoes seems to hinder skin maturing.

What is it about tomatoes that assists with forestalling burns from the sun?

Tomatoes contain a cell reinforcement considered glycogen that shield your skin from UV beams that cause burns from the sun.

Your body normally tans when presented to a moderate measure of radiation to shield itself from and square UV beams.

In any case, an excess of introduction on the double outcomes in the bothersome burn from the sun.

Not a devotee of eating tomatoes alone? Have a go at adding them to a serving of mixed greens like in this invigorating cucumber, avocado, and tomato plate of mixed greens or fixing your preferred pasta with custom made tomato sauce.

Hope you all like the summer hacks post please do share and support be write many more beautiful content and much deeper articles

thank you for reading summer hacks love you all.

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