The Shape of Water a Oscar Film to Watch in This Quarantine

shape of water

As Oscar voters reflect their ballots, one film which is rising ahead than others is Guillermo Del Toro’s “Shape of Water”.

Just as Del Toro’s Spanish-language nominee “Pan’s Labyrinth” which was highly appreciated.

And won in more than one category in the Oscars,

his English-language masterpiece ” Shape of Water” having 13 nominations, is leading the field.

The last Best Picture winner in the genre of fantasy was The Lord of the Rings:

The Return of the King but now you can count Shape of Water to take the big prize.

You can call it a fantasy flick or a sci-fi film,

it’s the first unrepentant sci-fi fantasy flick, with a little bit of horror and erotic drama,

And is in for good measure to take home the Oscar.

Though we have seen more typical genres to take away the prize we’ve never had a pure sci-fi fantasy flick take the top prize.


In this era of Netflix, Del Toro’s renowned fantasy’s domestic total is $57 million which is quite impressive.

But, for what it’s worth, it’s the biggest grossing domestic earner to take the big prize.

since Ben Affleck’s Argo earned $132m domestic in 2012-2013.

Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby was the last Best Picture winner having a female lead.

Movies about women or for women are considered less serious or not worthy of critical acclaim as male-centrist melodramas.

Though they got nominated for the Awards, but they are not considered among the front-runners.

But the good news is that three of the four front runners (Three Billboards, Lady Bird and Shape of Water) were successful flicks where a woman story was front-and-center which is incredibly encouraging.

So you can go and watch the film,

be dazzle by the painterly visual palette it offers.

And experience a magical time at the cinema,

And let’s watch if it can bag the Oscar awards 2018.(yes it has Won the Oscar)

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