Is Noise Shots X1 Air Worth Buying In 2020

noise shots x1 air


This NOISE SHOTS X1 AIR True Wireless Earbuds  earbuds are the best in this price Segment. These earbuds costs around 2000₹.

Talking about the weight these are the light weighted earbuds.   Each earbud weighs only about 6.3 grams.

They have The total weight of earbuds with case is only 35 grams.

They have Bluetooth 5.0 which a latest technology and faster and also you will get a better experience than ever in NOISE SHOTS X1 AIR


They has a playback time of about 6 hours. They take 2 hours to full charge.  The case does not have any battery. IT is only to store the earbuds and charge the with any power source.   The case has an micro USB port through which we can charge earbuds.

These earbuds isolate all the disturbance.They have an inbuilt mic by which you can talk a call.

The sound is very loud with a punchy bass.These come with ergonomic design.They have brushed aluminum touch buttons.


Touch and right earbud to increase volume,  Touch and hold left earbud to decrease volume and tap to play/pause and also answers call

Some users complaint that it has some connectivity problems and the mic is also not working properly.

But there is also one thing When it comes to The product we used Everything is perfect except there is no battery in case.


The following

1 )Earbuds,

2) USB to micro USB cable,

3) case,

4) user manual,

5) 3 ear tips of small,

medium and large size(medium tips are already with the earbuds)

so Concluding that These are the best earbuds in these price segment.  They are super light weight.  You can buy this earbuds without any doubt.the only thing is the case has no battery like others but it got plus of light weight.



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