The 5 Best Video Conferencing Apps With Amazing Features

top 5 best video conferencing apps

Hello Amazing Reader here are the 5 best video conferencing Apps

and Most of Them Are Free.

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Best Video Conferencing App no 1



5 Best Video Conferencing Apps


Key Features

  • join from anywhere from any device
  • supports upto 1000 participants and and outstanding 49 videos
  • Capable of HD Voice And Video Calls
  • Can Hide Your Video and Mute Your Audio
  • built in Feature to chat with whole team and single person reply also
  • Screen sharing
  • Additional features like conducting webinars,phone calls,texting


Zoom is rolling out its biggest update with a horde of improvements and have enhancements to deal with the safety lapses that have drawn severe criticism.

it’s called Zoom 5.0 and brings a security icon to group all the privacy and app security-related features under one roof.

Zoom had previously announced a 90-day freeze on the event of features to shop for a while that the corporate could invest in redeveloping the safety infrastructure. Best Video Conferencing App

The video conferencing app now allows users to instantly lock meetings, remove participants from a gathering , and ensure password protection for meetings by default.

Zoom 5.0 are going to be available starting in the week to all or any users, but a number of the features have already showed up

Best Video Conferencing App no 2



Best Video Conferencing Apps


Key Features

  • Has Web and Video Conferencing.
  • Can Take On Webinars.
  • Application/File Sharing.
  • Call Sharing.
  • Multimedia Content Sharing.
  • Video and Audio Conferencing.
  • Chat and Brainstorming Tools


Cisco WebEx could be a flexible conferencing solution designed for businesses of any sizes.

it’s a video and audio web conferencing software, which integrates main tools, enabling the users to conduct meeting within the web using voice, video and related data. Best Video Conferencing App

Cisco WebEx is quickly available in numerous plans that users can select. Each plan caters specific work and meeting space capacity and is capable of holding multiple meetings in real-time.

except for that, this software is additionally beneficial for giant events like educational sessions and merchandise launchings.

Users can establish a team workspace that would promote effective brainstorming and group collaboration using the software’s broadcast-quality sound, teleconferencing system, and conference calls.

Lastly, Cisco WebEx is additionally defined as a stable meeting and work platform with different productivity tools.

Best Video Conferencing App no 3




Best Video Conferencing Apps
Best Video Conferencing Apps


Key Features

  • Increased Participants
  • Supports Educational institutes Requirements
  • User Friends
  • Brand We All Know
  • Has Most Features Like Zoom


Google Hangouts Meet, or simply Meet, is Google’s enterprise video conferencing software.

This app is comparable to the video calls within the free, consumer version of Hangouts, with some additional features like real-time captions and support for up to 250 participants and 100,000 live stream viewers. (The free version of Hangouts only supports video calls with up to 25 participants.)

G Suite users can head to straight away to begin a gathering, or meetings are often booked prior time using Hangouts Chat or Google Calendar.Best Video Conferencing App

Unlike Google Hangouts’ often dark interface, Meet puts its tools during a bright white toolbar.

you’ll put off your camera, mute your mic, or share your screen—and you’ll see each call participant on the correct side of your screen.

very like Hangouts, the video of the person who’s currently talking are going to be shown within the main a part of your window.


Best Video Conferencing App no 4



Best Video Conferencing Apps
Best Video Conferencing Apps


Key Features

  • Instant messaging and contacts.
  • audio video and media.
  • Federation and public connectivity.
  • Online meetings.
  • Security and archiving.
  • Exchange and SharePoint interoperability.
  • Online administration and management


The standard Skype client is currently limited to 25 people on a telephone call directly. Skype for Business raises this limit to 250, making it far more suitable for large-scale presentations like all-hands meetings or live webinars.

Participants in either Skype or Skype for Business meetings needn’t be employing a Skype client to hitch the meeting–both services support calls from landlines and standard mobile phones–but extra fees still apply for dial-in users.

Though it doesn’t mean your VoIP calls are bulletproof against eavesdroppers, all Skype traffic (both standard and Skype for Business) is encrypted with AES.

Skype for Business raises the stakes with stronger authentication methods that provide you with, because the administrator, stronger control over accounts and access to the who can do what with the tool.

Subscriptions will be added and removed at the user level, with different program features assignable to every user on the service.


Despite the fact that they share comparable names and UIs, Skype for Business and its shopper partner, Skype, are various items. The last is liberal to utilize, yet is prohibited in usefulness and doesn’t offer endeavor support.

Microsoft gained the benefactor variant of Skype in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Microsoft Lync was rebranded as Skype for Business in 2015. Changes incorporated a substitution customer interface, a substitution server discharge and updates to the UC administration in Office 365.

As per Microsoft, the benefactor rendition of Skype is appropriate for organizations of up to twenty workers. Purchaser Skype is free when the two clients have introduced the apparatus. Correspondence with non-Skype customers is dependent upon association charges which will be paid on a for every call premise or through a month to month membership.

On the off chance that a business has more than 20 representatives, Microsoft suggests utilizing Skype for Business, which permits association installments to be overseen over the organization’s system rather than through a progression of separately oversaw accounts. Despite the fact that customer Skype and Skype for Business run on various servers, the two renditions have comparable dashboard structures. Skype Network could likewise be a component of the stage that permits clients to appear for and include Skype clients. the two renditions of Skype don’t appear to be combined of course.

Best Video Conferencing App no 5

GoToMeeting Free


Best Video Conferencing Apps
Best Video Conferencing Apps


Key Features

  • Amazing Virtual Whiteboard.
  • Built-In Audio.
  • Meeting Scheduler is pre built.
  • Hand Over Control.
  • One-Click Recording.
  • Join via Mobile Options.
  • Desktop/Application Sharing.
  • Personal Meeting Room.



Since the free membership is our most essential arrangement, a large number of our most helpful gathering highlights aren’t accessible to you and your participants. To truly get the most our of your gatherings and put your best self forward, we’d propose moving up to gain admittance to extra highlights and be considerably more profitable with your gatherings. It just takes a negligible month to month expense to open our best highlights!

Record the entirety of your meetings.

You can record any meeting and afterward store the chronicle for participants to see sometime in the not too distant future. At the point when a meeting is recorded, the moderator’s screen, the sound gathering and any mutual applications are incorporated.

Add co-coordinators to help encourage.

Co-coordinators are people who approach a similar coordinator instruments and highlights during a sessionthat you do, and can assist you with encouraging your meetings or even beginning it for your benefit. Coordinators can either include co-coordinators before a meeting or elevate them to coordinator during a meeting.

Give dial-in telephone sound to your gatherings.Best Video Conferencing App

In the event that you have a paid membership plan, your implicit sound choices consequently incorporate significant distance (cost) telephone numbers for more than 50 nations.

Your participants will be liable for charges charged from their own phone supplier when they utilize these telephone numbers to dial in to the sound gathering.

Likewise, you can likewise furnish cost free telephone numbers with upgraded sound.

Best Video Conferencing App

With cost free telephone numbers, the coordinator’s record is charged an every moment utilization expense for every participant who associates utilizing cost free sound.

This gives participants an option in contrast to interfacing with their mic and speakers (VoIP) or causing significant distance telephone charges, making it simple for them to pick the most advantageous strategy for joining the sound meeting.

Call Me permits you and your participants to get a call from GoToMeeting when a meeting starts to consequently interface you to the sound gathering without dialing in!

Introduce the work area application to utilize extra devices.

To benefit from GoToMeeting, you can download and introduce the full-include work area programming on your Windows and Macintosh PC. This permits you to get to the entirety of our extraordinary cooperation apparatuses, including drawing instruments, shared console/mouse control and multi screen sharing.

Host gatherings longer than 40 minutes. Try not to constrain your coordinated effort on account of time. Paid memberships plans permit you to have gatherings as long as you need.

Welcome multiple participants. Try not to forget about anybody! Become familiar with facilitating up to 100 participants immediately.

Set up Big business Sign On. Permit your representatives to sign in to GoToMeeting with a similar organization personality they use to get to their email or sign in to Windows — giving a helpful encounter to individuals and better security for IT. Find out additional.


  • BlueJeans.
  • Slack.
  • Lifesize

History and Benefits of Best Video Conferencing App

Far reaching utilization of video conferencing started with the PC transformation of the 1980s.

Transmitting video pictures got pragmatic for individual use once the information interchanges segments were set up, for example, the coming of video codecs alongside the ascent of broadband administrations, for example, ISDN.

The cell phone furor helped fuel the notoriety of video conferencing. Best Video Conferencing App

Webcams started to show up in the mid 1990s on college grounds.

The principal business webcam, presented available in August 1994, was called QuickCam, which was perfect with Macintosh. A PC rendition was discharged the next year.

Time Magazine named QuickCam one of the top PC gadgets ever in 2010.

CU-SeeMe video conferencing programming assumed a significant job throughout the entire existence of video conferencing.

It was created by Cornell College IT office faculty for Macintosh in 1992 and Windows in 1994.Best Video Conferencing App

CU-SeeMe helped introduce the primary web radio broadcasts. It was discharged financially in 1995.

Video conferencing is a financially savvy approach to hold organization gatherings, decreasing the requirement for movement costs, for example, lodgings and airfares.

This capacity to hold worldwide gatherings at whenever without adding to enormous bills, really fortifies an organization’s worldwide character and cost structure. Best Video Conferencing App

Intelligent online exchange shows are likewise turning into a well known approach to stay away from movement costs while as yet presenting your item to the video conferencing apps


  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Google Duo
  • IMO
  • Hike
  • Just Talk


According To My Survey I found This are the most Featuristic and secure best video conferencing apps

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